Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

Can you save the city from the terrifying monster?
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Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign is a hidden-object adventure game that follows the story of Detective Voodoo, a renowned agent who is assigned the investigation of a murder. Turns out, the richest man in town, Mr. Coins, was murdered in a case involving some sort of ritual. He was known for leading a military expedition to an uncharted island and stealing a magical artifact that could make dreams come true. The expedition broke into the place and took the artifact, so the shaman cast a curse that seems to be starting to take effect, threatening to destroy the whole town.

With the objective to stop the spell, you head off to Richtown; while dialogs with characters and newspapers articles give you more details about the story. Mysterious notes appear too, threatening to spread the curse if you don't return the artifact at a certain time. Along the way, you will have to complete a series of tasks, solve logic puzzles, and collect objects that will help you move forward. When you mouse over a location, the cursor will show you spots that you should examine closely. Puzzles, mini games, and hidden-object scenes will grant you objects for your inventory, which you can use to solve forthcoming challenges. Also, completing mini games will reward you with two hints that you can use in hidden-object scenes. As you complete puzzles in one location, other environments will be unlocked expanding the areas to explore.

The games is divided into several chapters and plays out through wonderful locales with beautiful steampunk artwork and a nice soundtrack. It's not precisely a game that stands out for its originality; in fact, if you've played HOGs before, you will find that everything looks familiar and similar to what you could find in most titles of the genre. However, it has a story that manages to keep you interested until the end.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Hard and casual mode
  • Beautiful artwork
  • A compelling story
  • The Collector's Edition includes the strategy guide and lots of extras


  • Hints can only be used in HOG scenes
  • Nothing original about the story or gameplay
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